January 21st, 10am – 4pm

Tool Cleaning & Sharpening

A good sharp tool makes garden work easy. Bring in two of your hand tools – pruners, loppers, or hedge shears – to the nursery. Our staff will clean and sharpen them so they’re ready for spring trimming. It’s a great way to learn how to keep your tools working all season long.

January 28th, 10am – 11am

Get Ready for Spring

with James Gill, owner, Gill Landscape Nursery

It’s time to get your outdoors ready for a fantastic spring season. Come get the best advice and tips for our area and climate. James will talk about pruning, weed prevention, and fertilizing existing landscapes and lawn areas.

February 4th – 10am – 11am

Bee Smarts

with Dennis Gray Jr., Local Beekeeper

Bees are one of nature’s amazing creatures. They play an important part of our South Texas gardens, pollinating plants, flowers, and food crops. They can also supply us with locally made sweet honey! Join Dennis as he talks about bees in the coastal bend; where they live, how they make honey, and what flowers they love best. Dennis is a local beekeeper and president of The Coastal Bend Beekeepers Association.

February 11th – 10am – 11am

Growing Fruit & Citrus in the Coastal Bend

with Phillip Elbert, Landscape Designer, Gill Nursery

There’s nothing better than fresh fruit right off the tree! South Texas is great for growing many fruits, citrus, and edible vines. From peaches to limes, avocados to mangos, the opportunities are exciting! Join Phillip as he talks about varieties, planting, and general care of growing fruiting plants.

February 18th – 10am – 11am

Indoor Gardens

with Emily Capule, Local Flower Farmer, and Landscape Design Assistant, Gill Nursery

Houseplants add beauty and promote wellness in our homes. Bringing the outdoors in allows us to enjoy nature year ’round. From the ordinary to the exotic, Emily will talk about best plants for indoor use and their care.