Nature’s Blend: Our Secret Ingredient for a Happy Lawn

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web_natures-blendThis time of year your lawn might not be looking so great. It might be patchy, or pale yellow, or just unhappy. Since St. Augustine grass goes dormant in the winter, fertilizer might not be the best choice. Instead try using Nature’s Blend compost. It’s an alfalfa humate blend that helps your lawn against fungus and feeds the roots. One bag covers 50 square feet of a healthy lawn, or if it’s struggling use one bag per 25sqft. Make sure you spread it to 1/2” or less! Nature’s Blend provides protection against temperature and moisture extremes too, so your lawn has the best chance of surviving the winter and emerging in spring.


6 Comments on “Nature’s Blend: Our Secret Ingredient for a Happy Lawn”

    1. Melvin, sorry I’ve been out of town. We cut the corner off the bag, walk in a straight line swinging the bag back and forth and shaking or tilting as needed, and then use a stiff push broom to even out the zig zag pattern of Natures Blend.

  1. Hello there, I am currently building a new house and you can imagine what the yard looks like after construction. The house should be done at the beginning of March. the yard is all sand/loam mixture what are your recommendations to get sod grow nice strong? I would like to come to your store and consult with yall.

    1. Sorry Dustin, I’ve been out of town. Come on in and anyone here can talk to you about it, but I will say try to loosen the soil post-construction, and just before sodding, spread Milorganite, it seems to really help the new sod take off. Also, if you are planting St. Augustine, make it Floratam, not Raleigh.

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