Before & After! We interview the owner of a brand new Gill Landscape!

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Phillip: Describe the feeling your yard gave you before this project. How has it changed?

David:  “It has changed 100%. We had been going to Gill’s for quite some time. We live nearby and wanted to see what you could do as far as a good design.  It has been tremendous. We get compliments on the front yard by people that are walking by or jogging when I’m outside.”



What was the deciding factor to partner with Gill Landscaping for your renovations?  

“I spoke to James and Grace in the past, and Larry has helped me with trees. Reading the bios, the customer service, as well as the friendly atmosphere, I thought of Gill’s for expanding our front yard.”

Overall, how would you describe working with Gill’s?  

“Overall, I’m 100% happy and I think the project is beautiful. It really pops when you see it. The active listening approach that Phillip and Ernest took with me throughout the meetings enabled them to find exactly what we were looking for. And when the plans were in place, the gentlemen that came over here were very professional and very courteous. I believe the crew leader’s name was Jimmy, and he did an exceptional job.”


You mentioned your neighbors. What do your neighbors say?  How do they like it?

“Numerous compliments.  They really love the plan itself.  I guess they’d never imagine such a plan in such a short yard. We don’t have a very big front yard.  They love the pavers and the design as well.”

How has the new landscaping affected the way the yard is used?

“I think it’s a little bit easier for me to maintain than the previous yard, and it’s just more enjoyable to go out there.  The plan was implemented using xeriscape plants, yet it still has that beautiful appearance.”

It’s quite obvious that you’re really inspired by Gill’s Landscaping! What’s on the menu for next phase in the yard?

“The next phase would be to restore the backyard.  When it was done previously, the drainage was, you know… it wasn’t the best grade. Definitely a mishap. In the future, I will get some ideas from you or Grace for the backyard to get it where it needs to be.”

Give a shout out to what you enjoyed most thoughout the project now that it is complete.

“I think it was the customer service and the active listening. Not just your own vision, but the vision of the customer. Being on the same page. Even after the project was done, continuing that relationship by calling to ensure I was still happy with everything or if there were any changes that I may need to be done. Gill’s and Phillip were exceptional at that.”


 Landscape design and interview by Phillip Elbert. Learn more about working with him here!




Interview has been condensed and edited.

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  1. Looks the same its just the lighting on the 2nd photo shows the beauty of this house or you’re using another camera

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