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phillipI’m truly blessed to be a landscape designer in South Texas. While we’re out in shorts and tee shirts in February with the anticipation that spring is at hand, the vast majority of the country is having a high of, well, something that would not allow you to wear shorts and a tee shirt.

I recently read a post online about how to design your landscape to give you fantastic views from inside on days when it is too cold to go outside and the ground is a earthen popsicle. But here in South Texas, I just recently gave a talk on growing fruit trees ranging from citrus to peaches to mangos… OK, I have to stop that as I might start salivating on the keyboard.

Here we have a fantastic opportunity to really enjoy the outdoors year round. I love expanding people’s living spaces and assisting them with taking full advantage of what our climate and surroundings have to offer. I like to probe into my client’s hobbies and interests and do my best to work together to integrate those elements into their project.

This brings me to a question I like to ask my clients: where would their favorite place be to take a vacation? Their answers help me discover which things to include in their landscape that might hit some of their emotional high points.

In designing outdoor living spaces, I aim to create comfortable settings for bringing people together to enjoy all the gifts of nature. If you’ve ever sat outside and watched the hummingbirds in spring and fall, the monarch migration, the stars at night after a northern blows through… you’ve seen how special of a place this is. You can turn your home into a sanctuary to enjoy these things that really bring peace of mind, body and soul. I am a strong supporter of the idea that with the right planning, you can do anything outside that you can do inside – and if you don’t think so I’d love to meet with you!

It is proven that spending time outside is a very healthy activity, both for body and mind. That could be why gardeners are among the most pleasant people I know. What I really like to do is not just create a garden, but something that you can truly live in and expand your life with the elements of outdoor living.

There are a few things that can be done that really extend your outdoor living capabilities, such as installing brick patios, patios, and pergolas.

Another element that I have started to implement into my landscapes is lighting. One of the best times to enjoy your garden is at night, in the summer when nights don’t drop below 80 degrees, or in winter when daylight is much shorter. Outdoor lighting allows you the opportunity to enjoy your garden after the sun goes down.

When you really start to converge multiple aspects of outdoor living into a project, you can make the most out of your space and inspire others to enjoy their time outside also. So next time you are doing something you really enjoy – hosting a party, playing a board game with a child or friend, or watching the big game – ask yourself how much better it would be to be enjoying this outside.

I’d love to help you see what’s out there and enjoy it to the fullest extent!

All the best, Phillip.