Phillip Elbert

After studying under James Gill and learning the landscape design and construction trade, Phillip began his design career with Gill Nursery in 2008. Before relocating to Corpus Christi, he grew up in Southern California: an area renown for cutting edge landscape design.

Phillip learned from the beginning how to design with environmentally sensitive practices that he applies to all facets of his design work. He has a gift to create unique and stunning landscapes that are not only beautiful, but also practical. From traveling across the world, Phillip is able to bring a broad range of natural beauty to his projects.

If you are looking to be truly amazed by something completely unique within the realm of landscape and outdoor living, Phillip is a great partner to help your dreams become reality – from a simple courtyard to a family estate.

Now that you have gotten know a little bit about Phillip, please follow the link to a questionnaire that will help aid us in the development of your project. Thank you and we are excited at the opportunity in assisting you with your new landscape.

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