Smaller Projects


For small projects, we have a garden coach. Our garden coach, Grace can visit with you in the garden center at no charge or she can come to your home/office to help guide you with your landscape. A small project is defined as a couple of flower beds, some shrubs that need planting, a butterfly garden, or maybe even a small courtyard.

Grace can sketch up ideas and bid the work if you want a price for Gill’s to install. There will be a charge of $100.00 per visit. If the job location is beyond our Zone 1, travel charges will be incurred as listed on the Gill’s Delivery Fees sheet.

As a Robstown native, Grace started rolling up her sleeves in gardens as a very young child, and has acquired much knowledge about South Texas gardening over the years. Despite two degrees from Texas State University and many years experience in education, Grace followed her dream of working in a garden center environment as James Gill’s Landscape Design Assistant. Since then she has drafted and estimated literally thousands of landscape designs while working alongside James Gill, Phillip Elbert and Kathy Hubner, and as a designer herself in the past. This valuable expert experience coupled with her background in education and love for gardening is the perfect combination for our Garden Coach.

Grace will gladly visit with you in our garden center, or she can meet you at your home to assist you with smaller landscape needs. She is great with flowerbeds, butterfly gardens, and small courtyards. She understands landscape maintenance and has the ability to identify lawn and landscape issues. Grace can easily help you improve your existing landscape. She will sketch up ideas and bid the work if you want Gill’s to install it, or she can cheer you on to try new things for yourself, being the hand of reason by saving you time, energy, and money with sound recommendations about your landscaping. Feel free to give Grace a call today!

Interested in working with Grace?

Call us today at (361) 992-9674, or complete the Landscape Planner below.

We will only use the information you provide to help plan your landscape project. None of your information will be shared.