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[team photo=”” name=”Hannah Ray Bottlebrush” job=”Kathy, Landscape Designer”]“I planted this small ornamental tree as a soft screen near my patio. It quickly grew 12′ tall in full sun with moderate, regular watering. Hummingbirds love the red flowers year round and I enjoy the graceful branches swinging in the breeze. Low maintenance and easy to grow… A top pick![/team]
[team photo=”” name=”Chinese Hat” job=”Mike, Assistant Manager”]“This plant is very versatile. I have mine in full, day long sun. It can also be kept in partial shade. The Chinese Hat can be used as a bordering or screening plant, or be trimmed up as a small specimen.”[/team]
[team photo=”” name=”Basham Crape Myrtle” job=”Barbara, Accounting”]“I really like Basham Crape Myrtles. They are so beautiful when they are blooming during the warmer months, and some are very fast growing. You can plant them small and have a really nice tree in just a few short years.”[/team]
[team photo=”” name=”Desert Willow” job=”Sally, Owner”]“James & I planted a Desert Willow in our front yard a few years ago, and boy, has it been the happenin’ place for butterflies, hummingbirds & very friendly, big black bees. It does drop its leaves in the winter, but comes out with lacy, beautiful foliage in the spring. Loves the sun and is drought tolerant once established.”[/team]
[team photo=”” name=”Diatomaceous Earth” job=”Brandon, Landscape Crew”]“I really like Diatomaceous Earth because it totally saved my Meyer’s Lemon from being destroyed by ants! Ants can go through it because it cuts them up.”[/team]
[team photo=”” name=”Dracaena Marginata” job=”Diane, Nursery Staff”]“These plants are totally tropical and I love tropicals! I can make them grow in all sorts of ways by tweaking them out. I weight some of the trunks down so they grow in funky directions!”[/team]
[team photo=”” name=”Cuban Gold Duranta” job=”DeAnna, Manager”]“I planted these at the corner of my house to surround my Hamelia Firebush thinking that this chartreuse shrub would be about 3 feet tall. To my surprise, in one season it grew to 6 feet. it is a beautiful color contrast against dark green foliage with the added bonus of lavender flowers when not trimmed.”[/team]
[team photo=”” name=”Compact Jatropha” job=”Mary, Assistant Manager”]“This is a beautiful tree shrub with small red flowers. I enjoy it not only for the appearance, but the easy maintenance. Full sun shrub that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds and consistently blooms most of the year at my house. What fun! It is a tropical, but needs a hard freeze to damage it. My neighbors are always admiring it and stopping to ask what it is!”[/team]
[team photo=”” name=”Purple Knight Alternanthera” job=”Matt, Nursery Staff”]“If you want to take a break from the basic green foliage in your landscape, the Purple Knight Alternanthera is a great choice! It reaches 3 to 4 ft. tall and wide and is very easy to propagate from cuttings. In the early spring it puts off its white spore-like seed packs, which encompass the entire plant. I have two Purple Knights at home, and as hot as this summer has been, they still grow tall and proud in my landscape!”[/team]
[team photo=”” name=”Pride of Barbados” job=”Denise, Landscape Design Assistant”]“This is the top performer on the west side of my house in the rural southwestern corner of Nueces County. It takes the heat and the wind! Butterflies love the showy red-orange-yellow flowers!”[/team]
[team photo=”” name=”Purple Showers Ruellia” job=”Debbie, Buyer”]“I love this plant for its continuous shower of petunia-like violet blue flowers. Thousands of buds open with the sunrise, then float in the evening breeze to the ground only to have as many waiting for the next morning. I have it planted along my fence bordered by a sidewalk facing west and it loves the sun and heat! No bugs or disease issues. I trim it back to 18” tall 4 times a year; it bounces right back full of flowers almost immediately. Requires minimum water once established. This variety is sterile, so it does not reseed by will send out runners making it easy to propagate.”[/team]
[team photo=”” name=”Peggy Martin Climbing Rose” job=”Grace, Landscape Design Assistant”]”grace100Peggy Martin Roses are absolutely incredible.  In the spring they remind me of a firework exhibit.  Each day I watch for the grand finale, which starts with a bloom here or there, then small groupings emerge, and finally the entire vine  is entirely covered with pink blossoms making a show of color second to none!  It does bloom more than this throughout the year, but the spring is when it is the prettiest. Tough as nails, it is also known as the Katrina Rose because it survived the Katrina Hurricane in New Orleans.  So when I was looking for the perfect vine in my backyard, I chose this rose and now have 3!”[/team]

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