It’s Time to Fertilize for Fall


Anytime between mid-September to mid-November is prime time to fertilize the lawn, trees, shrubs, vines and groundcovers. Fertilizing while it is still warm is best because plants are still in … Read More

Hummer Update!


In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, a local gardener shared these words regarding the hummingbird migration that is beginning now. We are passing them along to you. Good advice….thank you … Read More

Impatiens Update for Fall


Impatiens have been a favorite fall, winter, early spring blooming plant, but the Impatiens walleriana variety we have most commonly sold has developed a problem. Downy mildew has affected walleriana … Read More

September Garden Tips

gillnurseryMonthly Garden Guide

There are numerous selections of vegetables to be started in the garden or in containers. Come in and pick up our fall vegetable guide. Read: Why Botanical Interests is Our … Read More