Katrina Iris

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I love my Katrina Iris! It’s always in bloom…always! I planted it about 4 years ago and it has quadrupled in size or more. It gets full hot west sun … Read More

Indoors Out

gillnurseryLife in The Garden


I’m truly blessed to be a landscape designer in South Texas. While we’re out in shorts and tee shirts in February with the anticipation that spring is at hand, the … Read More

A Time To Remember

gillnurseryLife in The Garden


This coming week and weekend is a time many people from around the world remember their heritage and celebrate their faith. The Jewish Passover begins at sundown April 10th and … Read More

April Garden Tips

gillnurseryMonthly Garden Guide


Water in well (approximately 30 minutes per area). We recommend: Ortho Weed B Gon for Southern Lawns & Grassy Weeds with Image. Water lawn 2 days prior to application. Read: … Read More

Caterpillar Alert

gillnurseryPests & Problems


I have had several customers bring me Tussock Moth Caterpillars they found munching on their oak tree leaves. The creamy white hairs on the caterpillar are long and bristle-like and … Read More