June To Do’s

  • All container grown trees, shrubs, vines. It’s prime time to plant tropicals such as hibiscus, bougainvillea, ginger and palms.
  • Late spring and summer color – zinnias, periwinkles, purslane, moss rose, gomphrena, lantana, ruellia, penta, caladiums, coleus, angelonia and more
  • Caladium bulbs planted now will come up quickly for instant color.
  • Start seeds of sunflowers, morning glory, zinnias, and gomphrena.
  • Prune:
  • Faded blooms to encourage new blooms – especially important on perennials, tropicals, and crape myrtles
  • Shrubs to maintain good form
  • Palms, if needed
Lawn Care
  • Fertilize early in the month, if not already done. Apply slow release (Green Diamond 21-7-14) to your lawn. Water in well (approximately 30 minutes per area).
  • Organic fertilizers such as Milorganite, Lady Bug Lawn & Garden, and Medina Growin’ Green are excellent fertilizers that feed plants and soil
  • Lay new sod anytime, and Bermuda seed anytime this month.
  • Apply Ironite or Hi Yield Iron Plus to yellow spots in lawn. Organically use Texas Green Sand.
  • Mow as required. Keep St. Augustine cut to about 3”, Bermuda at 1” – 2”.
  • Watch for Chinch Bugs and Grub Worms.
  • Water well every 7 to 10 days.
  • When watering during periods of windy dry conditions, it’s important to water slowly and deeply. Be sure to watch the spray of sprinklers and adjust accordingly with the wind.
  • Water all plants well after planting and regularly through the first year.
  • Plants will begin to use more water as they grow and bloom. Outdoor potted plants dry out quickly as do hanging baskets and small annuals.
  • Mulch around trees and flowerbeds to conserve moisture.
  • Check new plants daily for water needs, many will need water every day.
  • Make arrangements for someone to water if leaving for more than 2 days (especially new plants).
  • Watch your perennials. Check soil moisture before watering. Many plants can die from over watering.
  • Use a moisture meter when in doubt.
  • Tomato and pepper plants regularly. Use Ammonium Sulfate 21-0-0 or Miracle Gro for Tomatoes, organically with Rose Glo or Hasta Gro, or Plant Tone.
  • All roses with Rose Food or Bayer Rose & Flower Care, organically with Maestro Gro Rose Glo.
  • All trees and shrubs with Gill Lawn and Garden Fertilizer, Green Diamond Supreme Lawn Food, organically with Milorganite, Medina Growin’ Green or Lady Bug Lawn and Garden
  • Annuals and perennials, with Miracle Gro or Osmocote Time Release Granules, organically with Medina Growin’ Green, Lady Bug Lawn and Garden, Rose Glo or Hasta Gro.
  • Your azaleas, gardenias, and magnolias with Azalea Food or Miracle Gro ACR for acid loving plants, organically with Maestro Gro-Rose Glo or Medina Growin’ Green
  • All hibiscus and tropical bloomers with Hibiscus Food, organically with Rose Glo or Hasta Gro
  • Citrus and Pecan trees with Pecan, Citrus and Fruit Tree Fertilizer, organically with Lady Bug Lawn and Garden or Espoma Citrus Tone
  • All granular fertilizer should be watered in well.
Watch Out For
  • Caterpillars or their damage (chewed leaves). Spray with Gardentech Liquid Seven, organically with Thuricide or Spinosad.
  • Fungus, Powdery Mildew – Daconil, systemic fungicide, organically with Neem Oil or Serenade
  • Chinch bugs in lawns – treat with Cyonara RTS, Spectracide Triazicide liquid or granules, or organically with Diatomaceous Earth or Pyrethrin.
  • Grub worms – use Bayer Complete, Spectracide Triazicide, Season Long Grub Control, organically with Pyrethrin or Nematodes
  • Mealy bugs – treat with Liquid Sevin, Spectracide Triazicide or Bonide Systemic organically with Neem Oil, Insecticidal Soap or Pyrethrin.
  • Spider mites – use Spectracide Triazicide or Bonide Systemic, organically with Neem Oil, Spinosad. Seaweed extract helps prevent them.
  • Fleas and ticks – treat lawns with Spectracide Triazicide, organically with Spinosad, or Diatomaceous Earth Crawling Insect Killer.
  • Borers in mesquites, cottonwoods, ash raintrees, chinaberry, and yucca. Spray organically with Spinosad or Fertilome Borer Bagworm Leafminer Spray.