It’s Time to Fertilize for Fall


Anytime between mid-September to mid-November is prime time to fertilize the lawn, trees, shrubs, vines and groundcovers. Fertilizing while it is still warm is best because plants are still in … Read More

Positively Charged


Have you ever wondered why everything looks so green after a thunderstorm? The air in the atmosphere is 78% nitrogen. Plants require nitrogen to grow, but are unable to absorb … Read More

Backyard Drainage + Solutions


I’ve had quite a few calls recently about back yard drainage problems. The first two solutions people tend to ask about are “French drains” or filling the low spots. These … Read More

May Garden Tips

gillnurseryMonthly Garden Guide

Apply a fast release (Gill Lawn & Garden 13-1-3) or slow release fertilizer (Green Diamond 21-7-14) to your lawn and water in well, approximately 30 minutes per area. ORGANIC: Milorganite, … Read More