Why Botanical Interests is Our Favorite Seed Company

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Over the years we have tried different seed companies and have found Botanical Interests to be our favorite. Being family owned and operated, we share a common goal of inspiring and educating gardeners.

Botanical Interests carry the highest quality seed available and their seed packets are designed to give you the information you need to be a more successful gardener. Their selection includes over 600 varieties including heirloom, micro greens and sprouts and a large selection of Certified Organic seeds.  All seeds are untreated, no GMO seeds.

Their seed packets are beautifully illustrated and include the common and botanical name of each variety. The packets themselves can be used as a plant tag to label your planting areas. Each has details on when and how to start seeds.

Inside the packets you can find recipes, growing and harvesting tips, how to avoid insects and disease, botanical facts about each variety and a drawing of the seedling so you don’t mistake for weed.

We just our received our fresh, fall seeds! Also to help with your fall garden, pick up one of our Nueces County Vegetable planting guides at Gill’s!   


Check out this guide, How to Read a Seed Packet – click to expand!