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Fun Time at The San Antonio Botanical Gardens!


Sally and I recently tripped up to “San Antone” to celebrate my sister Marie’s 70th. So much to see and do, but since all three of us are “plant people”, I think the highlight of the trip for all of us (besides the cake, of course) was the San Antonio Botanical Garden. We have been visiting since it opened in 1980, and have always enjoyed the 33 acres of plants, walkways, stone, and sculptures. On this trip, though, we were surprised to find it received a $22 million expansion this past fall!

The original garden includes a sensory garden full of textures and smells in addition to the visual, a striking fountain, and wisteria arbor, a hilltop overlook, rose gardens and perennial gardens, East Texas and South Texas habitat areas of native plants and pioneer-era cabins, and a lot more. Subsequent additions include the Kumamoto En Japanese Garden, and the Halsell Conservatory, several greenhouses containing exotic cacti and succulents, palms and tropicals, bromeliads and orchids.

The new expansion includes a very attractive entry garden and a culinary garden/teaching center, and a great new gift shop, with more on the way. Next year will see the opening of a new Family Adventure Garden, with nature play and learning areas. We can’t wait to go back, and I highly recommend this trip. Hopefully you can share it with your kids, or grandkids, a niece or nephew, or a friend. Spread a little plant joy, it’s fun and easy at the San Antonio Botanical Garden.

Here is another great article from My San Antonio for more info: First look at the $22 million San Antonio Botanical Garden expansion ahead of its opening.

Great memories of family trips to the gardens back in the 80’s with our son Stuart!


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