Hummer Update!

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In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, a local gardener shared these words regarding the hummingbird migration that is beginning now. We are passing them along to you.

Good advice….thank you Trisha!


“Howdy y’all!

Just wanted to ask y’all to remind your gardeners that the hummingbirds are already arriving down here (we gained several the morning of the storm and more since then in old San Patricio).  And with hundreds of miles of Tx coastline either flattened or underwater, the natural nectar sources (& feeders that people usually have out) will be sorely lacking in the area before the little guys head south for the winter.  Please ask your readers to put out extra hummingbird feeders in their yards (quickly!) along with the usual flowering attractions for them.  Recipe is 1 part sugar to 4 parts water, boil water to dissolve sugar, cool before adding to feeders, no red food coloring needed.

Thank you!!