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A Letter from Bob


“Good morning, my name is Bob. I have been coming to Gill’s since moving to Corpus 5 years ago. Every time we come into the store, my wife does the shopping, and I go straight back to the tree with the GIANT wind chime, sit on the bench, and dream of the day I could have a chime like that one.

Growing up in the Valley, chopping cotton for $5 a day makes one appreciate the value of a dollar. We weren’t dirt poor; we did have shelter, school clothes, and never missed a meal.

Leaving home and spending 24 years in the military, traveling to dirt poor countries around the world, has shown me that as a whole Americans spent too much on “stuff” when families in many of these countries are just getting by. I would feel so guilty, spending that much for something I didn’t need, especially a wind chime.

But for years it has been the siren calling to me. I have watched it age over the years, sun exposure, aging of the ropes that support it, and I’m sure some drool from me.

Over the years, after paying Corpus property taxes,  so we can have these beautifully paved streets, house payments, utilities, I have managed to sock away a bit in my “chime fund”; not the sticker price, but enough to accept a reasonable bid.

It would fit in so well with the other 5 wind chimes on my patio lonesome for their Big Brother.

So, I was wondering, what would be the bottom line that you would sell the ‘GIANT CHIME’?”



Everyone at Gill’s was touched by Bob’s letter. A military man who gave 24 years to our country and then fell in love with our wind chime. Needless to say, he got a good deal on the wind chime and now it is with Bob, hanging with his other 5 chimes. A feel good story and very happy ending!


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