Looking for the Best… Always!

gillnurseryLife in The Garden

About this time of year, every year, we visit our Texas plant growers. This year we took them Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies, as a thank you for shipping us their best grade A plants!  

While at the growing grounds  we drive the fields with our sales rep, looking at new plant varieties  and new sizes of plants being grown. We even  have a coding system  to remind us which plants are the best for early spring shipment.

For the first time in 40 years, this year James and I saw robots spacing plants out in the fields. They say robots are a little better at spacing than humans. I’m not sure about that; here they are in action!

Below are photos of our visit last week.

Thin Mints, ready for delivery!

James on the loading dock, checking quality.

Greenhouse full of Tuscan Blue Rosemary!

Mona Lavender Hanging Baskets

Sally with some big Live Oak we’re bringing in

Greenhouse of Geraniums

Planting Seedlings in bedding flats

Beautiful Italian Cypress – A Rating!

Cool Looking Mangave Pineapple Express

James with Ron, Salesman & Great Gill Advocate

Meredith, native to CC, works with one of our growers. She was a real treat to tour with!

These Gentlemen are our angels, driving Texas highways to bring you your plants!