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Nasturtiums – Super Pretty & Easy! (Yummy too!)


It’s always fun and rewarding to find those plants that take care of themselves with just a little help from your hands. Say hello to nasturtiums! This simple edible is one of my all time favorites to sow from seed. The foliage is vibrant green and reminds me of small living Frisbees rambling around a flowerbed or trailing out of pots or baskets. The flowers are delightful 5 petal trumpets coming in the perfect colors for your fall plantings.  

Nasturtiums do best planted in the fall where they enjoy our warm days and cool nights. You will enjoy them well into the following spring. They play out in our hot summers but are known to reappear in fall once again. No help from you needed. They thrive in full to part sun and well drained soil.

To grow nasturtiums from seed, simply sow directly in soil that is been turned and loosened. A bit of Nature’s Blend compost is helpful. Scatter them, lightly cover with soil, water, and wait. If you like, you can start them in pots mixed with other annuals and let them grow up through making your own mixed bouquet.  

We love these from Botanical Interest Seeds and think you will too!

Peach Melba, fiesta orange, jewel blend, cherry rose, Alaska-has variegated leaves, and a new one called black velvet that looks almost chocolaty! Gotta try it this year!  See you soon


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