Our Staff is What You Like Best!

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Back in May, we invited you to tell us what you like most about Gill's. Of the 405 responses, 294 said that what you like most is our people!

You said,

"They are knowledgeable, they care, they're friendly and helpful."

"They know what I'm talking about, even if I don't know!"

"Staff is not pushy."

"I can ask anything about my garden and if the person I am talking to doesn't have the answer, they will find someone who does."

"I have relied on you for over a decade for all my gardening needs."

"Almost like you are family."

Wow, that makes us feel great! Coming in second was our assortment, our plant varieties and our selection.

Third, "beautiful inventory" and then "pretty, serene & inspiring place to shop".

You like our website, our garden news, our garden talks and the layout of the store.

There were over 40 things that you mentioned appreciating about our store, like clean pathways, succulents, locally owned, running into friends, DeAnna's sense of humor, birdbaths and on and on.

We also asked what you might change about your experience at Gill's.

The top response was that you miss our Alameda store. We do too!

If you are an Alameda customer and haven't been out to our Airline store since the move, come on out and see us! It's bigger and better than ever, and we think you'll find it is worth the trip!

Other changes suggested were lower prices and a location a little closer to home. You'd like more starter plants, better signage, covered outdoor area with seating and fans, more DIY classes, more medicinal and culinary plants, more parking and one dad said his son would like to see more cats!

Honestly, we are always trying to improve. That's what made this survey so valuable.

Thanks to your submissions, we now know for sure what you like and what we need to work even harder to improve.

Pretty quick on the heels of our survey being completed (and 4 lucky winners receiving a $50 gift card to Gill's - congrats Dave, Carrie, Donna & Linda!), Harvey plowed into our garden center and did some damage.

Thank goodness our people (your #1 favorite thing about Gill's!) were safe and back to gardening with us in no time.

Our store took a light beating in the storm, but we are working hard on repairing the damage. Thanks for your patience as we get back to normal -  soon it'll be even better than it was before!

Thank you for your kind words, your well thought-out recommendations and your heartfelt support of Gill's. We thank our lucky stars to get to spend our days with our Gill team and you!