Weather Notice – December 7, 2017

gillnurseryTimely Tips

We have lots of calls coming in about how this cold weather will affect plants. Winter is here, but the results won’t be too brutal for most. Some areas of the Coastal Bend are forecast to see a light freeze, and some not.

If temperatures stay above low 30’s:

Some tender house plants, such as Chinese evergreen and spathyphyllum, can be damaged by temperatures of 40 and below, so hopefully you have plans to bring those in, but ficus and schefflera and many others will be okay to 30 and a little below.

Esperanzas, hamelias, and many other tropical blooming shrubs will drop leaves and look bad, but that’s what to expect for this time of year, and they should come back fine next spring. If you want to try to keep them looking as nice as possible for Christmas, you could throw a sheet over them until temperatures are back in the high 40’s and hope for the best.

If temperatures drop below low 30’s:

Always continue to watch forecasts. If we have more clearing skies than expected, it could get a little colder. If it gets below the low thirties, some additional protection would be warranted.

If they can’t be brought inside, tender plants in pots should be watered just before a freeze, and tumped over so they are closer to the ground (a source of heat) and covered, not wrapped, so ground heat will be trapped under the cover and around the plant. We have reusable N-Sulate frost protection blankets available if you don’t want your bed sheets out in the garden.

Most citrus will be okay down into the high twenties. If you have questions not answered here, call us at Gill Landscape Nursery, 361-992-9674.