10 Gift Ideas for Gardeners

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Making your list, checking it twice, hoping the gardeners in your life, have been very nice! Come take a stroll through our garden and do a little stress-free shopping. Here are 10 gift ideas that gardeners will love. 

North Spore Mushroom Grow Kits

Grow your own Shitake, Blue Oyster, Pink Oyster, Golden Oyster, and Lion’s Mane mushrooms. Indoor spray and grow kits are easy and produce a lot. If you’re more adventurous, try a log kit. Comes with instructions and spawn to inoculate a log and grow tons of Shitakes outside! 

Flower and Herb Hang Dryer

Great gift for those who like to cook with fresh herbs or make homemade tea blends or pressed flowers. 

Mossify Bendable Moss Pole

Great option for houseplant lovers. These bendable moss poles allow you to stake up your favorite climbing plants in any fun shape you like. 

Wind Chimes

Lots of different tones for relaxation. Our favorites are Music of the Spheres chimes made in Austin, TX and hand tuned to various musical scales. Or these new iron bell chimes imported from Japan. 

Custom Planted Pottery

Creative combinations of flowers and herbs, succulents, or tropical houseplants. So many possibilities. Grab one that we have ready to go or create your own!

Something for the Birds

Birdbaths, feeders, houses, seed, and native plants to attract birds to your loved one’s yard. Watching birds is better than TV! 

Natural Stone Planters

Hand-carved boulders with space to plant something nice and a hole drilled for drainage! Peaceful and dramatic at the same time. Yes, they’re heavy but we can deliver. 


THE classic holiday décor and centerpiece for holiday meals. 

Plant a Tree 

You will remember this holiday as you watch your tree grow. You’ll remember it even more vividly if you dig the hole yourself! Or we can take care of that part for you. 

When in Doubt – Gift Cards!

Fits nicely into a stocking 🙂

6 Comments on “10 Gift Ideas for Gardeners”

  1. what type of plants are you recommending for the stone/rock planter? What type of soil? IT looks as if there is rock or gravel with the plants. Could you elaborate on your answers of this question?

    1. Any plant that does not grow too large too quickly would work, but succulents or xeric plants might be considered the most appropriate. Because the stone planter “breathes” plants are less likely to suffer from overwatering. Any good potting mix should work for most succulents or if planting cacti, use a cacti mix. We used pebbles on top for a different texture – so in this case only for decoration.

    1. Hi Julie – most are about 2×2 feet in size for $249. A few are larger/taller for $399. Also have a few potted up like the one pictured for $279.

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