A Goddess In The Garden

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Golden Goddess Bamboo is one of our favorites! This clumping style bamboo doesn’t put out runners, so it stays where you put it. Great for screening out nosey neighbors, it grows to about 10-12’ tall, but can be kept to about 3 feet wide. It naturally grows in the sun, but can do very well in bright shade too! And best of all, you can use any trimmed canes in your veggie garden as support stakes. Versatile, gorgeous, low maintenance…what more could you ask for?


8 Comments on “A Goddess In The Garden”

  1. We have two number five size right now at 6999, can get you more on our next truckload if you need them.

    1. Not so much deep, but very denseroot system, and so excellent erosion control after well established

  2. Hello,
    I live on the island and have concrete/deck backyard. I need a privacy screen. Will potted bamboo work? Type of bamboo and containers? How to maintain?
    Thank you for your assistance, Kathy

  3. Golden goddess or some of the other dwarf bamboos are good in pots if provided adequate water. But in a Highwind and salt environment you are likely to see a lot of leaf browning. The best bamboo variety for Highwind and salt is called Seabreeze. So you will just need to keep it pruned enough that it can stay in a pot. That is a variety that we commonly carry.

    1. We do carry seabreeze bamboo but I’m sorry it’s after hours and I am not in the nursery to check stock. I would call tomorrow morning to see if we have it in stock right now and if not then we can order.

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