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A Life Well Lived, Remembering Our Friend & Co-worker Mary Coffman


Mary was a bright smiling face of down home goodness. She had a twinkle in her baby blues and gently bent hands that only come from using them, working them in the dirt. She was kind and funny, and with a twang in her voice, made us laugh, cry, and listen to her wisdom about gardening and life. Mary spent much of her time here working in the bedding area, stocking plants, keeping everything tidy and well tended. She loved helping people with gardening and planting flowers. She would try the new varieties and report back their success or failures.

One Christmas season, she had found out that Kim, a long-time employee had not been back to see her family in California for several years. So Mary set out collecting money from everyone who could help and surprised Kim with tickets to California. That was one joyful day for all of us! That was Mary; she had a heart of gold. She loved her husband, family, grandkids, Arabian horses and all their pets.

Mary worked with us from February 2002 till June 2008 when she and her husband Skip sold their place in Sinton to be closer to family in the Houston area. Little did she know that she would be diagnosed with lung cancer shortly thereafter. Mary thought this move was a blessing as she was able to get the best of care from the doctors at M.D. Anderson. Early on her doctor told her that surviving cancer is 1 part medicine and 3 parts faith. She had great faith and love of God and her family.  It was evident even as all treatments were exhausted, she still had that smile and twinkle in her eye. It was the peace that surpassed all understanding.

Last fall Mary called wanting to come down for a visit. She had a bunch of gardening books she thought we could use. It was a Bunch! Boxes of them! Several of us went to lunch that day and spent time catching up, remembering when, laughing and crying. She knew and we knew it would be our last time together. July 10, 2016 Mary went to be with her Lord and Savior in Heaven.

There are people who never leave you. Even in death they live on in our memories, in the stories we share, and in our hearts. Mary’s not gone, just tending another garden now. Thank you, Mary, for spending time in ours.


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