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Artichokes are gorgeous plants. They’re just pretty! They have large arching silver spiked leaves, and add drama to any landscape. If you want a good crop of artichokes, try these tips to improve your harvest. Artichokes are deep rooted, so prep your soil at least 8 inches deep with Cattle Manure or Cotton Burr Compost spaded or tilled in. We have small pots of artichoke in stock or you can plant by seed. Keep your seedling or seeds moist  but not soaked for at least a month. Artichokes grow for about 100 days before you’ll see any harvest potential, so be patient! They’re very slow growing in the cold, but actually need those chilled hours to build their root system. Harvest the buds before they bloom, and you’ll be munching on artichoke hearts in no time. But if you want to see something extraordinary, let them bloom! You’ll be amazed.


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    1. Hi Steven – artichokes arrived today, 10/4/22! 4″ pots for $2.99. If you’re planning to eat them, they should be harvested before they bloom.

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