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B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Container) Party at Gill’s This Saturday

cast iron kettle with Dianthus and Sage

B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Container) Party

Do you have an empty pot begging to be planted? Or an interesting container you’d like to repurpose as a planter?? Bring it to Gill’s this Saturday for our B.Y.O.C. party! Bring your container, choose your plants, and plant it up! Use our potting shed and potting stations – we’ll provide the potting soil + potting tips, and we’ll clean up the mess. Here are a few ideas and things to consider. 

Think Drainage! 

All container gardens need drainage holes. This is a must. Either find something that already has holes, like this partially rusted-out iron kettle, or find something that you can easily cut or drill some holes in, like an old cooler!

Iron kettle with Dianthus and Sage
Old cooler with assorted lettuces
Similar Watering Needs = Compatible Combinations

Combine plants in your container gardens that have similar watering needs. For example, you wouldn’t want to pair a cactus with a tropical houseplant in the same container. But you could do a desert bowl with different cacti + succulents or a jungle container with different houseplants. We also love combining flowers with veggies and herbs – similar watering needs and they look great together. 

Cacti and succulent bowl
Chives, basil, and sage with Panises!
Think Contrasting Sizes + Textures + Colors

This is where you can really make things pop.  Find something low-growing that spills and hangs to pair with plants that stand taller as a backdrop. Color, size, and texture combinations are endless. 

Airplane plant roots
Houseplant combo:  Crocodile fern, pilea, calathea, and Airplane plant
Re-watch James’ Container Gardening Video for more tips and inspiration:

See you this Saturday! We’ll be potting all day 9 am to 5:30 pm – come by anytime.

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