Back To The Basics: Organic Gardening 101 – Pt. 1

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Organic gardening is much more than merely a method of growing tomatoes and other food crops. It’s about growing all plants a more natural and safe way. It’s a way of life. It’s about paying attention to nature. It’s about understanding how everything in nature is related. It’s about working within nature’s perfectly designed system.

Here are the basics of growing organically.

Chemical Approach:

  • Mow low and often.
  • Catch grass clippings.
  • High analysis fertilizers 4 times/year.
  • Synthetic fertilizers – no organic matter.
  • Fertilizer based on plant needs.
  • Fertilizers have few or no trace minerals.
  • Attempt to control nature.
  • Treat symptoms (insects & diseases).
  • Use chemical pesticides at first sign of pests.
  • Poisons used on a calendar.
  • Discourage the use of beneficial insects.
  • Use only university-tested products.
  • Plants require frequent watering.

Organic Approach:

  • Mow higher and less often.
  • Leave clippings on the ground.
  • Low analysis fertilizer 2 times a year.
  • 100% organic fertilizer- no fillers.
  • Fertilizer based on soil needs.
  • Fertilizers loaded with trace minerals.
  • Attempt to work with nature’s systems.
  • Treat soil and cultural problems.
  • Use natural pesticides as last resort.
  • Prevention through soil improvement basis as preventative. and foliar fertilizers.
  • Use beneficial insects as a major tool.
  • Use food products, teas, and homemade mixtures where appropriate.
  • Watering can be cut by 50%.

deannaEach week I will try to introduce you to an organic product to help make your gardening easier as well as safer for you and the family. Once you begin working with nature, you will be surprised how much happier and healthier your plants are. You will also see how your job is easier. Less watering, less spraying, less fertilizing and yet, beautiful plants. Lets enjoy our gardens, not be a slave to them.


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