Ben’s Terrarium

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Ben is an avid gardener and has been a regular Gill’s customer for nearly ten years. Sometime back, Ben came to Gill’s to seek advice on building a terrarium. He started with a couple small plants and some interesting moss that he found online. Then we came up with some good additions to take his terrarium to the next level. Over the next few years, he’d bring it in periodically and we’d help revamp it and add new plants and watch it evolve.

I ran into Ben recently and found out he’s moving out of state at the end of the summer. Bummer! We started talking about the terrarium, and he graciously offered to donate it to Gill’s! Now we’ll have something that will always remind us of Ben, and hopefully he’ll come back and visit!

So, if you want to check out Ben’s terrarium, we have it on display here in our greenhouse. We’ll continue to care for it and experiment with new plants. Most recently, we added a Waffle plant and a Rabbit Foot fern, and some moss that was growing on our outdoor waterfall. If you’re interested in building your own terrarium project, we’d love to help!

Thanks for being a great customer, Ben! You’ll be missed. We’ll take good care of your terrarium!

– Wyatt

9 Comments on “Ben’s Terrarium”

  1. I love this story – terrariums are so pretty and I love how plants can be shared to keep memories alive ❤️

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