Check For Chinch Bugs If Your Lawn Looks Dry Even Though You Know It’s Not!

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Now that the temperatures have soared and the rain has stopped, be on the lookout for Chinch bugs in the lawn. The areas of the lawn near the sidewalk and driveway will be the first to look dry and in need of water. Take a shovel width scoop of the lawn, (grass and soil in tact)and shake it over a piece of white paper to expose black bugs with a white stripe across their back. That would be chinch bugs. Chinch bugs are a hot weather insect and can continue to be a problem all summer long. I prefer to use a hose-end spray like Spinosad or powdered Diatomaceaous Earth which are both organic. You could also use Cyonara, Triazicide  or any Permethrin product ex. Mosquito Beater Hose-end. Make sure when watering the lawn that you do reach those edges. Once a week, slow and deep with 1 inch of water is recommended. Place a cat food or tuna fish can in the sprinkler zone and when the can is full, you have watered long enough. Remember to water before 10:00 am and after 6:00 pm, and  now you can pick your water day. The lawn will recover quickly, but be on the lookout since the pests can return.



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