Christmas Trees are Here + Care Tips

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We’re happy to report that Christmas trees are here and they look amazing! This cool, damp weather is what they love! The garden center is stocked with fresh-cut trees ranging from 5ft to 11ft, and the Gill’s crew has set up one very special Nordmann Fir measuring 22ft at The South Texas Botanical Gardens! Here’s some more info about our Christmas tree varieties this year plus a few important care tips. 

Did You Know?

Real fresh-cut trees are the environmentally friendly option – they help support forests and don’t require the carbon emissions that it takes to produce plastic trees. For each fresh tree cut, 1-3 more saplings are planted. These sustainably managed forests consume several thousand pounds of carbon dioxide per year helping to clean our atmosphere and provide oxygen. After the season, recycled trees can be used for building barrier sand dunes on Padre Island, creating artificial reefs in local bay waters, and chipped for garden mulch. No waste!

Diego misting the fresh trees!

Tree Varieties at Gill’s

Fraser Fir is one of the most popular trees. They are highly sought for their needle retention, tolerance to warmer climates, soft silvery foliage, and fragrance. We have seen Frasers in March look almost as good as they did in December!

Noble Fir in traditional form or the layered look. Nobles are known for their long-cut life and stiff branches that hold ornaments well. Very fragrant foliage adds to their appeal for the holidays.

Nordmann Fir has a soft needle and little to no fragrance, which makes it a great choice for those with allergies. With excellent needle retention, they are very pretty with contrasting dark green and silver foliage.

We offer delivery + set-up as well as Xmas tree takeaway after the season. 

2 Very Important Xmas Tree Care Tips:

#1 – Keep your tree in water! Our trees have had a fresh cut and have been immediately placed in water to maximize freshness. As soon as you get your tree home, get the base of the trunk in water. If you need to wait to put it on the stand, get it in a bucket of water. If you plan to give your tree a fresh cut when you get home, only cut ½” off the base, and you must get it in water within 10 mins, or the cut will seal over and not allow the tree to take up water. Keep monitoring your water level in the stand throughout the season. We carry the Watering Elf which makes refilling super easy.

#2 – Keep your tree away from heating and A/C vents (if a vent is nearby, close it). Heating and A/C will dry out the tree quickly – you don’t want that! You want to keep it as hydrated as possible.

Go See The Big Tree!

Standing up the Big Tree!

We are happy to be a part of the annual Botanical Gardens holiday light display. This year, the majestic 22ft Nordmann is about 20 to 25 years old, younger than most of the big trees the tree farm will harvest. Visit the Botanical Gardens website for more info about holiday hours. Can’t wait to see it all lit up! 

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