Citrus Tree Planting Guide [VIDEO]

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Many citrus trees around the Coastal Bend appear damaged after Winter Storm Uri. For citrus trees you want to try and save, the best thing to do right now is wait and see. Some may be goners, some may bounce back, and others may have delayed effects from the freeze. It may still be weeks or months before we know for sure. If you want to go ahead and replace or plant new citrus trees, now’s the best time – check out Josh’s how-to video below.

We are happy to present this video in collaboration with Grow Local South Texas!

6 Comments on “Citrus Tree Planting Guide [VIDEO]”

    1. We can still hope that some healthy growth may arise from the lower branches of the citrus but I would say it’s not very likely

  1. We see much green growth near the base below the graft of our lime and lemon trees. Should we remove them? Is this a good or bad sign that the trees may come back?

    1. Growth occurring below the graft and none above the graft is a bad sign. It is unlikely that you will see any growth of the budwood (the good producing part above the graft) at this late date.

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