Coastal Bend Veggie Gardening Guide

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Grow Local South Texas and Gill’s share a passion for organic vegetable gardening and helping local gardeners be successful growing their own food. Here in South Texas we have 2 great seasons for growing food each year – Spring and Fall. Join Gill’s Wyatt Page as he demonstrates how to grow veggies using only organics.

5 Comments on “Coastal Bend Veggie Gardening Guide”

  1. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. This is much needed information for me to know how to get started with my garden.

    1. Add organic matter! Our Nature’s Blend compost is absolutely the best, 1 bag per 12 square feet of bed area. It contains lots of nutrient which it releases slowly as the plants need it, and it helps hold moisture in the root zone. You will need to add more each season, as organic matter goes away, but at a lesser rate than the initial prep.

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