Comfort for Summer: Shade Cloth!

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Looking for some summer relief? Shade cloth easily reduces air temperatures and allows air flow. It can be as easy as tacking a piece to a wood frame or structure. For a more permanent installation, add grommets to the sides every 2ft. and secure to a sturdy frame with sun resistant twine or rope. 

Use it to… 

  • cover newly planted seedlings or gardens 
  • create shade on patios
  • cover pet areas
  • provide shade anywhere it brings relief from the summer sun

It is important to be able to remove shade cloth in case of hurricanes, high winds, or…don’t laugh, snow. Shade cloth is permeable, so water will drip through, but snow like we had a couple of years ago will not. Were it not for the fast thinking (and ladder climbing) of James Gill, our new shade structures would have collapsed under the weight of the snow! 

Our 2 types of shade cloth are 6ft wide, in either 60 or 63% shade, in black or green. It’s sold by the linear foot, so you can buy only what you need. So, don’t let summer’s sun keep you indoors…make some shade! 

See ya soon,

-Debbie Pinkerton

8 Comments on “Comfort for Summer: Shade Cloth!”

  1. Summer is a great time to plant palms, they really appreciate warm soil when planting, more than other plants do, and are more tolerant of the high air temperatures.

  2. what can I use to treat chinch bugs in my St. Augustine grass? Also, is this a one time fix? Thanks,

  3. Hello Debbie,

    I need new shrubs in the front flowerbed. Not a fan of the Ligustrum, what other shrub would work good as its in the sun all day ?? Also need something along the side of the house and it does not get much sun at all.

    1. I could name 12 shrubs for sun, and five shrubs for shade, but don’t really have enough information to pick the best one. If you bring a couple of photos in to the nursery then we can help you pick out the right Sun shade tolerance, height, color, Etc

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