Congratulations Are in Order!

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Join us Friday, November 20th at 4:30PM outside in the garden center as we thank our team members for their many years of service to Gill’s & our community! 

DeAnna Baumgartner

Garden Center Manager

35 Years!

Gary Cring

Gardening Expert

31 Years & Retiring!

Debbie Pinkerton


25 Years!

Doug Johnson

Landscape Crew Leader

20 Years!

Stacy Valdez

Office Administrator

15 Years!

Wyatt Page

Garden Center Assistant Manager

5 Years!

All six of these people have one thing in common – they want the best for you, our customer. They want to teach you best gardening practices, they want to bring you the best plants, and they want to help you beautify your garden. 

I’ll tell you a little secret. We buy plants from the same growers other garden centers buy their plants. What makes the difference is picking the right plants (for our region) and then caring for the plants once they arrive. That takes a lot of plant know how and a passion for service – that’s what makes our garden center better than most. In our landscape department we are constantly refining our techniques and teaching our crew members to build landscapes that are functional and beautiful. We look for smart, kind, passionate people to work on our team and then we encourage and nurture their growth as gardeners, landscapers, and educators. Congratulations to each of them, congratulations to Gill’s! 

-Sally Gill

8 Comments on “Congratulations Are in Order!”

  1. We’re so blessed to shop at Gill Nursery! It’s paradise!! Thank you to all who brighten my path each time I come!! See you again very soon!!
    Ho Ho Ho!!!

  2. Thanks to everyone at Gills they are always so helpful congratulations to all of those fine men and women for their many of years of working and helping the customers and myself . Jean

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