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Crape Myrtle Season


It’s a wonder to watch crape myrtles go from ordinary to extraordinary in what seems a matter of days. Look down most neighborhood streets to find a multitude of white, pinks, reds, and purples high above homes. Crapes are a beautiful long lived addition to your landscape. They are cold hardy, great color for summer; provide fall colored foliage, interesting bark, and drought tolerant once they’re established.

Crape myrtles come in groups of sizes; the tallest reaching 30’ or so, the smallest barely 2’. Something to consider when adding them to your landscape! All need lots of sun and room to grow to their potential. Now’s the best time to pick your favorite color; plan to water every day. They are thirsty the first summer.

There are a few things to help with your crape myrtle success. Please do not commit crape murder trimming your trees like hedges each winter. No tree should ever be topped like a crew cut.

Aphids and lace bugs can leave black sooty mold on the leaves. We recommend using the Bayer Tree & Shrub drench to keep your plants clean and pest free. Apply in the spring when your tree first starts to put on new growth. It lasts a season so 1 treatment will take care of the time when bugs are their worst. If you’re planting now, keep an eye for these critters, and treat with a topical control like Cyonara.

Consider a crape myrtle for some wow in your summer landscape, they will give you years of enjoyment!


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