Not Too Hot For Poinciana!

gillnurseryGarden Design, Plant Spotlight

It can be challenging to find the right plants for a hot, dry, summer in South Texas. One of my favorites is known by most of us as Poinciana (Caesalpinia). That’s a common name for a large group of blooming shrubs and trees found throughout most tropical, subtropical, and desert regions around the world.  

Some of you have seen such beauties in Mexico and the Caribbean, or blooming profusely in front of the La Palmera Mall.  I was introduced to this group of summer heat lovers’ years ago while living in Scottsdale, Arizona. I was told, “It’s hot – but it’s a dry heat!”… well, it’s still HOT, very hot!

My 2 summers there, I became aware of the flora that was thriving in such adverse conditions. There were several Poinciana species used in commercial landscapes and highway plantings; the most common being Pride of Barbados Poinciana (Caesalpinia pulcherrima), Mexican Poinciana (Caesalpinia mexicana), and Desert Bird Of Paradise Poinciana (Caesalpinia gilliesi). Each of these has its own unique growth pattern, flower shapes, and colors in varying shades of red, orange and yellow. All thrive with full sun and limited water in very hot conditions. Sounds like they will love South Texas, right?

They thrive and survive with minimal help from us. That makes them a winner for me! We have all three of these fantastic summer shrubs and it’s a perfect time to plant them. Visit us to find out which is best for you!