Crazy About Crotons!

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Of the many great reasons to live in South Texas, one of my favorites is we get to enjoy the tropical splendor of colorful plants from temperate regions of the world.

Croton plants are recognized by their colorful fall colored foliage. Reds, yellows, and oranges paint their leaves that can be large, small, and even curly! I have always grown crotons outside in pots on my patio. They add those great colors of fall that are hard to come by this far south. They enjoy the morning sun and like some shade from the hot afternoons. debbieKeeping them in pots allows me to move them in if it gets a little too cold in the winter. It’s a perfect time to add crotons to your patio, they love the warm summer and cool fall season! Added bonus….they’re on sale this week! See you soon.


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