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Creating Spaces To Gather, Have Fun, Relax & Retreat!


At Gill’s, we spend our days designing private gardens, courtyards, backyards – places for families to gather, have fun, relax and retreat. We’re so happy to see our downtown Corpus Christi doing the same for our public spaces!

We were especially pleased to see our “Queen of the Sea” fountain restored at the intersection of Lower Broadway and Peoples streets. It was originally designed by internationally renowned sculptor Pompeo Coppini over 100 years ago. Jordan Michael of the Downtown Management District is quoted saying in our Corpus Christi Caller Times “It’s reflective of the upswing of revitalization that has happened downtown, so we’re excited to have it back online.”

As many have said, the downtown district of a city is the heart of the city. Often it is a mixture of the old and new, with buildings and signage of the past mixed with new merchants, fresh paint and current art.

We’re so happy to see that happening with our downtown at a slow, intentional and sustainable rate. Thank you to the Downtown Management District, the City of Corpus Christi, and local business for bringing places and reasons to gather downtown to have fun, relax and retreat! 


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  1. Carrie Meyer says

    I was delighted to see your story on Downtown improvements, as I live near Downtown and am a big supporter. The only thing that left me scratching my head was the part congratulating the city for making the improvements at a “slow, intentional and sustainable rate.”
    Why is slow a positive? It’s like you’re saying: Not too many good things all at once now! We have to place ourselves.
    I don’t get how the fact that Downtown Revitalization is going at a snail’s pace is something to praise when, in fact, the sooner that improvements are made and the sooner it gets revitalized, the sooner the city as a whole will prosper. To me, that echoes a mentality I sense in CC of people thinking we can’t be like other cities and move into the modern age along with everyone else. That somehow we have to stay behind and take it slowly, staying behind the curve, following the pack, not leading.

  2. Gill Sally says

    I appreciate your comments. I’m sure since you live near downtown, you are much closer to the action than I am. I’ve spent 63 years in Corpus Christi minus time away for higher education. I saw nothing happening for many, many years and so am pleased now with the renewed energy & interest to improve our downtown. Yes, you’re right. I wish it had happened sooner.

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