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Lawn’s green, no weeds, so why do anything?

Our lawns are so green after all this rain! You’re probably thinking “Well shoot, do I have to fertilize or worry about weeds?” The answer is “Yes you do!” Mother Nature gave us a boost with beneficial rains; with a few easy steps your lawn can be healthier. Read on and come see us. We’ll help you tend to your lawn and garden!

First, Fertilize Now

Anytime between now and mid November is prime time to fertilize your lawn, trees, shrubs, vines and groundcovers with Gill Lawn and Garden, Medina Growin Green, or Milorganite. Fertilizing while it is still warm is best because plants are still in their active growing season and taking up the nutrients provided. Once the weather starts cooling down plants begin going into dormancy and therefore are not as likely to take up nutrients. Remember to water in your fertilizer with at least a half inch of irrigation.

Second, Pre-emergent

The pre-emergent is a granule that prevents weed seeds from germinating. We carry two different ones depending on the weed problem you may have. Gallery can be used in the lawn to prevent most all broadleaf weeds and some grassy weeds, but cannot be used in the flowerbeds. Dimension is the other one that will control broadleaf weeds as well as crabgrass and sand burrs. Dimension can be used in the flower beds around established plants listed.

Third, kill existing weeds that are up and growing, with a post emergent.

Weed B Gon will kill broadleaf weeds without hurting your St. Augustine, including Floratam, as long as temperatures are mid 80’s or lower. But do not apply Weed B Gon around trees or shrubs. If Dollarweed or sand burrs are your main problem, use Image.

Fourth, remember to alter your sprinkler systems to only once a week until mid-November, then turn to the off position and only turn on as needed every 10 days to 2 weeks if we get no rain.

With the shorter days and the dormant season upon us the lawn does not require as much water. You also do not want to encourage fungus due to excessive moisture. Come see us with any questions you may have about your lawn!



7 Comments on “Fall Lawn Care”

  1. I have a lot and I mean a lot of what appears to be clever. How do you get rid of this weed . It grows when the weather is cool. Any suggestions?

  2. You can mow frequently to keep the clover down, that will prevent it from suffocating the Saint Augustine and it will limit the number of seeds produced for coming back again next year. You can put down one of our pre-emergence next fall to limit the number of new plants that starts so come in in October and ask for it. Right now you can apply a post-emergent herbicide to kill out that clover that exists if you wish to do so. Once again come in and ask.

  3. My grass was green last
    Year this year it looks like hay
    I applied Scott’s weed & feed
    For southern lawns. Was this the right thing to do

    1. Be cautious about Scotts Weed and Feed if you have any trees and shrubs, as the active ingredient is Atrazine, which is harmful to everything but grass. But I’m guessing maybe the “hay” look is from brown patch fungus over the fall and winter, which will be over with by spring, and if brown patch was the problem, the lawn will recover this spring.

  4. When do you suggest is the best time to put down a pre-emergence. I have been having some trouble with weeds and want to make sure I get a head start on them this fall/winter.

  5. When do you suggest is the best time to put down a pre-emergence. I have been having some trouble with weeds and want to make sure I get a head start on them this fall/winter. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Andrew – here in South Texas, you would apply preemergent early Fall (around September). If you’re not from our area, it would be good to seek advice from a local source.

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