One of My Favorite Plants: Firespike

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One of my favorite plants: Firespike, aka Firespike Odontonema strictum. This is one the easiest plants to grow whether in the ground or in a pot. Break off a piece, stick it in the dirt and water. It roots super easy. It grows in sun or shade. I find, though, it is happiest where there is relief from the hot afternoon sun. I have grown it in dense shade and it still blooms! The butterflies and hummingbirds love its red spike blooms. It starts blooming in the spring and blooms into the fall when the hummingbird migration comes through. If you plant some now they’ll be established and ready for the hummers; they’ll love you.


One Comment on “One of My Favorite Plants: Firespike”

  1. Do you have these in stock now? How much are they? Don’t they grow to be 4 ft tall? I believe I saw some in west TX and I loved them! I had never seen them before.

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