Food for Our Hummingbirds!

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Whether your hummingbirds are just passing through or they’re residents to our area, you can be sure they’re hungry! Hummingbirds are most attracted to orange & red blooming plants with tubular blooms.

From our observation, one of their favorites in our area is the Firecracker Plant, which blooms spring, summer and fall as long as it gets good hot, full sun.


Firecracker Plant

Firecracker Plant

The tubular flowers make it perfect for the hummingbird to feed on. Another sun loving hummingbird plant is Red Yucca, which also has a very generous bloom season.


Red Yucca

One of my favorites is Salvia gregii. It doesn’t look like much in the garden center because it doesn’t bloom as heavy until it gets established. But boy, the hummingbirds love this one!


Salvia Gregii

Salvia Gregii

Others are Mexican Honeysuckle, David Verity Cuphea, Firebush (aka Hamelia), Turk’s Cap (native to our area), Shrimp Plant and Cape Honeysuckle. Planting in mass (two or three plants) in full sun is a sure way to get them to stop by your garden for dinner!


Clockwise from top: Hamelia, David Verity Cuphea, Turk’s Cap, Shrimp Plant


Happy Gardening!!



3 Comments on “Food for Our Hummingbirds!”

  1. Thank you for this information; I thought I was about to read about hummingbird feeders. Will be looking to add a few of these to my garden soon!

  2. Great things about plants over hummingbird feeders- they don’t need washing or refilling, and it’s easy to have them dispersed around the yard so one “bully” hummingbird can’t monopolize

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