Freeze Alert! (January 2-3, 2018)

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Looks like we will be seeing some cold temperatures, probably upper 20’s, on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Having already been through some cold snaps this winter, your plants should have already slowed their metabolism, making them more cold tolerant.

Lantanas and experanzas already have a lot of brown leaves, and a few more won’t hurt, and they both need pruning before spring anyway. But if your ixoras, ficus, and scheffleras are still mostly green and you want to avoid damage, covering should prevent loss of foliage and branch tips.

Dracenas, Ti plants, Crown of Thorns and Madagascar palms should be brought inside if possible, or watered, tipped over, and covered if too large to easily move. Citrus will probably be okay close to the coast, but out toward Kingsville or Alice, wrapping trunks or banking with dry leaves, or covering (good luck with the winds) might be prudent.

If you have stuck your neck out by planting bottle palms, Cuban royal palms, or foxtail palms, you may want to wrap or cover, and if you can locate a pipe heating cable to put under the wrapping, much the better.

Cold tolerant annuals, like geraniums, petunias, impatiens, begonias, might get a little nipped, so we would recommend dropping a cover over them until temperatures are back to high 30’s or more.

We do sell a frost protection blanket at the nursery if you don’t want your bedsheets and quilts outside. It’s impossible for us to list all plants here, and it is also possible that temperatures will be either colder or warmer than presently forecast, so you are welcome to call us at 361-992-9674 to ask for advice for your particular situation.


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