Geraniums – One of My Favorites!!

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It is time to get all your fall flowers planted before the days become shorter and weather gets cooler. October is the perfect month to transition your flowers for a new season. One of my favorites is geraniums. Geraniums make a great winter flower. Most of us think of geraniums for the spring,  but they do not like hot weather. In order to get 6 months of color out of them, plant them in the Fall for color all winter through spring.  They come in red, rose, salmon, violet and white.  Plant super 6 packs now spaced 8-10 inches apart, feed with Rocket Fuel at planting, then use Medina Growin Green monthly or Hasta Gro liquid every 2 weeks to get them established and maintain healthy leaves and blooms all season. Top dress with your favorite mulch  to hold moisture and reduce weeds.  Then sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty.


One Comment on “Geraniums – One of My Favorites!!”

  1. I have a papaya that is healthy, very tall, and full of flowers – but no fruit. What should I do to make it produce fruit?

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