Grape Soda Pop Delight!

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Driving around town, one surely has noticed the purple blooming trees and if you were within nose shot, their fragrance would make you think of grape soda pop hanging from their branches.

Meet Texas Mountain Laurel -Sophora secundiflora. This native large shrub or small tree has taken center stage all over South Texas landscapes. They are about as tough as a plant can get. They are cold hardy, drought tolerant and will grow in stony alkaline soil. They are evergreen with no disease issues other than an occasional worm that likes their foliage and it’s easy to treat with Thuricide worm control.  

These Texas troopers bloom every spring but it seems this year they’re especially beautiful. I’ve noticed them in new and established neighborhoods, full of blooms. What a treat! Their beans are known to be poisonous so keep them away from young ones and pets.

We just got in a great shipment, they’re a grand addition to any landscape! See ya soon!


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