Grow Food Everywhere – James Gill’s Intro to Container Gardening

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You can grow food just about anywhere in just about any container! Join James Gill as he discusses the benefits of container gardening and demonstrates how to get the best harvest. We’re very excited to present this video in collaboration with Grow Local South Texas.

5 Comments on “Grow Food Everywhere – James Gill’s Intro to Container Gardening”

  1. Excellent video Mr. Gill. And thanks to your crew for calling me today about the Little Spire Russian Sage that arrived. I came in and bought six, will wait till this cold snap goes away. I know you are looking forward to the spring surf, green warmer water and offshore winds, if you can break away from work.
    Pura Vida!
    Ty Cobb

  2. Thanks Mr. Gill! I enjoyed your container garden lecture very much. I’ve moved away from the coast since Harvey. I lived in Port A and always enjoyed visiting both your garden centers the 18 years I was living in the coastal bend. San Antonio is nice too. I’m getting back into gardening, especially container gardening. I”m getting older and it’s nice not to have to bend down quite so far. Keep making the videos. They’re fun and instructive. Sincerely, Carol Elliott

  3. you have been so helpful to me over many years. I live in bishop and our soil is lacking in many respects. My home has had fifty three years of me trying many of your plants. This freeze has made mush of my yard and I look forward to your help in its recovery. My twin p0ny tail palm broke off also. Thanks.

    1. Things look worse than they are. Yes we will lose much, but many things will come back over this summer. And the ones we lose give us room to try something new! Remember 83 and 89? We will make things beautiful again!

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