Henry C. Brooks

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Back in the late 70’s, when we first opened our Airline store, we met Henry. He was strikingly handsome, riding his beautiful horse, and had an amazingly warm and wonderful smile. And still does as shown in this picture taken in May!
Henry, upon returning from the Vietnam War in the late 60’s, joined his dad, Connie Brooks, in the family landscape and maintenance business. When he was trained and ready to go out on his own, his dad gave him a lawn mower, and edger (remember them?), a few rakes and brooms. And for the last 40+ years, Henry has been making Corpus Christi beautiful. He has long lasting relationships with many multi-generational families in our city. Henry compares his job as a landscaper to that of an artist, creating art outdoors by planting trees, shrubs and flowers, and then keeping his work looking good with regular care.
Henry’s hobby is training and racing quarter horses – his own horses. He’s raced in Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma. And that gets back to when I first met him in our parking lot, a long time ago.sally
When I saw him today at our Alameda store, he asked me if I was working hard or hardly working. I said of course I am working hard, that it seems we are both still working hard. His comment was, “Why would I sit at home doing nothing when I could be out taking care of my customers and making gardens prettier?” I agree! Thank you Henry, for your kind, gentle spirit, your beautiful warm smile, and our decades long friendship.


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