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With all the recent rains, a lot of us are doing more indoor gardening and houseplant collecting. Here are our top houseplant how-to’s to help keep them happy inside. 

Light is Good, A/C is Bad

Placement is a key factor in growing plants indoors. Some plants can handle less light than others, but we know that plants need light. Start with a sunny window, then move the plant closer/farther from the window to adjust the amount of light. Keep in mind that most houseplants prefer a humid environment, so make sure they are not in the path of an A/C vent, which will dry plants out. 

HastaGro:  Liquid Organic Plant Food

HastaGro is our favorite food for houseplants. So simple and so nutritious – just mix 1oz to a gallon of water and use every 2-3 weeks. Or you can mix lighter (1/2oz to a gallon) and use it every time you water. 

Water Matters

Tap water is OK, but it contains a lot of additives that can affect plant health. If you are confident that you are watering and feeding properly, but still not getting good results, try using rainwater. Distilled water or condensate from an air conditioner or dehumidifier is also excellent for plants. 

Repot or Not?

If you can remove the plant from the pot and the roots are tangled, wrapped, and/or growing in the shape of the pot without much soil left, then its probably time to repot. Choose a slightly larger pot, but not too big, and be sure it has good drainage. Use a good quality potting mix and fertilize when you repot (see HastaGro!). 

Still Not happy – Take it Outside! 

Plants that can thrive indoors are generally referred to as ‘houseplants’, and they may be grown in greenhouses, but their natural habitat is outside. A breath of fresh air can often help bring houseplants back to life. Try moving them to a shaded patio for a few days. Keep in mind that their watering needs will change when moved outdoors, so keep an eye on watering.

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  1. Thanks for the indoor plant advice and weed pulling. What about fungus with all this rain and not much sunlight my lawn fungus has spread and haven’t been able to treat cause of all that he rain. What do you recommend ?

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