It’s Time For Fall Tomatoes!

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Tomatoes are by far the most sought-after fruit in the country, and we are lucky to have two growing seasons to enjoy their goodness! It’s time to get your fall tomatoes planted and we’ve got a great selection! Visit our tomato variety guide to see the varieties we carry.

Tomatoes need good sun for their entire growing season. Plant them in a bed enriched with Cotton Burr Compost. You can also plant them in pots, but make sure the pot is large enough; tomato plants get big. Use a good potting mix for your containers. As you plant, add a couple tablespoons of Bio-tone plant starter under the roots. This will help your plants get off to a rapid start and develop a strong root system. Feed them once a month with a good organic like Plant-tone or Medina to ensure good production. 

Pro Tip:  Be sure to rotate where you plant your tomatoes! This will help in the prevention of root knot nematodes as well as other problems that can occur. Learn more about crop rotation here.

-Deanna, Debbie and Wyatt 

2 Comments on “It’s Time For Fall Tomatoes!”

  1. It is probably not too late to plant in far south Texas if you can find the plants, though there is a small possibility of a freeze in mid-December. It is too late for most of the state, so we do not have plants available to us.

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