James’ Chiltepin

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James’ Chiltepin:
“This lovely little pepper is either Heaven or Hell, depending on how much you use. Three to five adds great flavor to a stir-fry or roast or pot of soup or beans. Easy to grow in a pot or in the ground, in sun or part shade. If you don’t eat them, the mockingbird will, so they won’t go to waste!”

5 Comments on “James’ Chiltepin”

    1. You’re right! Chiltepin (the one in the picture) is the native pepper that is round aka bird’s eye. Chile Pequin is the domesticated version that is slightly larger and elongated. The native Chiltepin is my favorite salsa pepper. Good catch – thank you

  1. Hi my name is Sue and formerly from Wharton , Texas. Chili Pequín grows wild out in the Country. My Stepfather would bring chili plants home and we grew them. I am interested in buying some wild pepper plants to grow myself. Thank you! I hope to hear from

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