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How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh, Cold Damage, House Plants For The Holidays


What to do with cold damage on your plants:

I have cold damage on my alternanthera and copper plant. It didn’t kill the plant, but it sure doesn’t look good. I took my hedge shears and lightly trimmed the plants for a little cosmetic improvement. Then in late February to early March, I will cut back, about 6″ from the ground; they will then flush with new spring growth!

Decorating your home with houseplants for the holidays:

Before you bring your patio plants indoors from the cold to decorate for the holidays, be sure to spray them with Bonide All Seasons Oil. It will kill any insects they may have on them as well as make the leaves nice and shiny. Bayer Insect Control Plus Fertilizer Capsules will also keep them healthy through the winter while indoors. It lasts up to 8 weeks and since it is pushed into the soil, you do not have to worry about pets or children coming in contact. Be sure to place your plants in front of a bright window so they can acclimate to their new environment.

How to keep your Christmas Tree fresh:

Keep water in your tree reservoir at all times. Make a fresh cut on your tree if it’s out of water for more than 15 minutes. If you cannot put your tree in your home right away, keep it in a cool shady area outside in water. Place your tree away from the heater/ac vents and sunlight as these dry the tree more quickly. Use our tree preservative to keep your tree as fresh as possible. Unplug lights when not at home; this reduces dry conditions and protects from fire hazard.

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