Lawn Care PSA: Weed THEN Feed!

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We’ve had lots of lawn questions so far this spring, particularly about weeds. The short answer is…yes you can treat the lawn for weeds right now, but if you do, you need to wait to fertilize. This is one reason why we advise strongly against using any “weed and feed” combo products. Why would you want to fertilize the weeds you’re trying to get rid of?! Just remember: weed THEN feed. Click below to watch a quick PSA from DeAnna about how to take care of weeds first, then apply our favorite lawn food.

8 Comments on “Lawn Care PSA: Weed THEN Feed!”

  1. Oh dear…we laid down the Medina feed this past weekend (3/2)… we don’t have to many weeds but we definately want to get rid of those that we do have…. So what should we do now? And is the ORTHO product all you have for killing weeds? really hoping to keep our yard as organic as possible! Looking forward to your advice! Have a great day!

    1. Hi Tiffany – not to worry! Later this month or early April would be the optimal time to apply Medina, but we’ve had some warm sunny days and the grass has definitely started to grow, so feeding a little early is ok. We do carry an organic product called Captain Jack’s Lawn Weed Brew that you can use to spot treat weeds. It’s a high concentration of iron that will not hurt the lawn, but will kill the weeds. Keep in mind that you may not need to do any weed treatment at all. If you have just a few weeds, the healthy grass may take over and crowd them out.

    1. Hi Bob – if you have King Ranch Bluestem in your lawn, it will not be easy to get rid of. Herbicides that will kill it will also kill your lawn. Diligently pulling and digging it up are the best ways to remove it from a lawn. Also, keeping the lawn mowed to keep seed heads from forming will help. If it has pretty well taken over your entire lawn, you might try using herbicide or solarization to kill everything (including the St. Augustine) and start over with new sod.

    1. Hi Doug – you can drag the area with a piece of carpet to get as many of the burrs out as possible. Then treat with the herbicide, Image, which targets sand burrs.

  2. Weed control and feeding are important steps in lawn care maintenance, thanks. Can you explain the rationale behind the ‘weed then feed’ approach, and how it contributes to a healthier lawn?

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