Marigolds & Mums!

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mumsOh my goodness, our nurseries are filling up with beautiful mums & marigolds!

Marigolds come in oranges and yellows and grow to around 10″-15″ tall. They love the sun and do great in pots around your garden or in the ground. If planting in a pot, plant with our MiracleGro potting mix and then fertilize with Hasta-Gro Plant Liquid Fertilizer through the growing season.

Turn your garden from summer to fall with our mums, available in reds and yellows and oranges and purples. They also love the sun! In November when the blooms look tired, take a pair of hedge shears and lightly trim off spent blooms to encourage new growth and blooms. Mums also like the Hasta-Gro Plant Liquid Fertilizer. sally


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