Meet Your Garden Coach + Planting Team!

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Meet Frances, the Garden Coach here at Gill’s! Frances, along with Josh and Larry (the planting dream team), is ready to help you with small landscape projects like designing and planting a new bed or two, creating a butterfly garden, or planting new trees and shrubs. Here’s how the process works. 

Frances is an avid gardener and plant lover who’s been working in the garden center world for 10 years. She knows how to choose the right plants for the right space, which is the most important part. She’ll take you through designing your garden area, choosing plants and materials, and scheduling the planting team to come to your home to do the work. 


Getting Started

Bring your ideas! Be sure to bring pictures and rough measurements of your space. Pinterest boards, sketches, and other photos can help Frances get a feel for your project too. She’ll walk the garden center with you, show you plants, and create a simple drawing to help you visualize the area. No need to make an appointment, just visit Gill’s on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday to work with Frances. 

What to Expect the Day Of

Josh and Larry will arrive at your house with the plants, trees, fertilizer, soil amendments, supplies, and watering/care instructions for you. They can help with last-minute placement decisions and answer any questions you may have. You can decide whether to be there to watch the magic happen, or they can take care of everything while you’re out and about.     

And, as always, Frances and the rest of the Gill’s team are here to help whenever you have questions going forward!

Keep in mind that Gill’s has a full-scale landscape design and construction department that tackles larger projects. If you’d like to explore a new landscape design, call or stop by any time. 

5 Comments on “Meet Your Garden Coach + Planting Team!”

  1. Hope my previous e-mail just came through prior to this-
    This is exactly what I am looking and have been, hoping for!!!!

    Please put me down in your list!
    I have never regret doing business with you all.

    Thank you!!

  2. I am looking for small areas surrounding existing palms and assistance with trailing plants to come from down the yard area to the canal.
    Fabulous to read this news!

    1. Hi Peggy – sounds great! We’ll share your comments with Frances and let her know you may be stopping by. Bring a few pictures of your area and rough measurements if you can. That will give her a good starting point to be able to design something that works well for you.

  3. I spoke to your company 2 years ago about small landscaping jobs, but you only offered arge scale projects. Happy to hear small-scale opportunities. I’ve patronized the nursery for more than 30 years following my mom’s lead. 2nd generation customer.

  4. This is such a great concept for anyone who wants to create their dream garden without the stress and hard work. I’m excited to see what the garden coach and planting team can do!

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